20140107_021217-700x394The educational system is one of the pillar of the Association. All families recently settled in AKAMASOA have to enroll their children at school. In 2014-2015 they were 12 162 in various schools of the Association.


AKAMASOA’s schools:

3.Elementary schools
4.High schools
5.University (called “Ecole Supérieure de Pédagogie”)


This constant follow up is the only way to shape stable and independent personalities able to work in adult life and aware citizens active in the nation’s life.


This education is also transmitting essential values for the community life: work, discipline, respect, solidarity.




More than the general education there is also a professional training through carpentry and mechanical workshop. This training offers a significant alternative for children who are failing at school or for children who decide themselves to move toward hand skills jobs. The learning of masonry for the construction of Association’s houses also represents a possibility as work in garment factory.