ipod-006-700x523The Reception Center of AKAMASOA, the most significant center, is located in the Mangarivotra district on Manantenasoa hill (Antananarivo suburb). It is in this Center that people come for all aids. There are dormitories, collective residences, toilets, dining halls and also reception desk. A new building is almost completed in order to have more space in dormitories.


In 2014, this Center welcomed 38 000 persons, on average 70 families per day who needed an emergency aid because they were starving in the street. The Association can’t build brick houses for all but it can give a vital aid.


Main activities of the Center are:

1.The welcome of these families who weekly need an aid represents the principal activity of the Center. AKAMASOA gives to all person coming: a meal, clothes, a blanket or soap. This punctual emergency aid helps people before coming back to their house.
2.AKAMASOA provides a housing in Center’s dormitories. The period of accommodation can varied depending on the situation of each person. But the space is limited that is what has motivated the construction of a new building mentioned above. However, some of these person are permanently living in the Center: people with physical or mental disabilities receiving a medical treatment.

3.But the Reception Center encourages people to live in the countryside to work the land. Indeed many families who lived in the street of the capital or in the garbage dump had left their countryside with the hope of working in the capital. An urban migration which led them to a bigger misery. For persons who want to come back to the countryside AKAMASOA pays the travel and gives means to have tools to work