Reforestation and tree nursery

Each year thousands of trees are planted always around our villages by schoolchild during the rainy season and are maintained during dry season. AKAMASOA also has to make the population aware about the essential role of nature and its maintenance for the future of our children.foret2

We always work with the Association “Graine de Vie” which has created a great nursery near to our Mahatsara village on a land owned by Akamasoa. 16 persons of Akamasoa are working with the reforestation experts of Graine de Vie. 200 000 trees, all kind of trees, has been planted over 2014 like it was planned (200 000 trees each year). In this project, Akamasoa and Graine de Vie offer young plants to association from various regions like Fianarantsoa, Tamatave, Majunga and Tananarive who ask for reforestation.

spiruline2-300x200In 2014 we launched a new project in Mahatsara around the spirulina. The spirulina is an algae with very high nutritive values (iron, vitamin, and protein) used to take measures against malnutrition. We want to cultivate it in order to help starving children but also to sale it as a new resource of Akamasoa. The construction of 4 basins for this crop is now finished, and 4 women left at the beginning of the year 2015 to attend a training about the spirulina crop at the Morondava bishopric. These women will manage the crop and transmit their knowledge.