Work place

Since the beginning, the work has been the indispensable requirement to put behind the hell of the street and it has not changed. There was a hill next to the garbage dump where families rotted. This hill also was a dump of misery because since 1985 capital authorities piled there all persons living in the street. Men, women and children were living under cardboard box and wooden board looking for food among rubbish in dumpster: misery met misery.

What we could do when the only things we had were empathy, love and our services? The hill gave work to them; led by Father Pedro, families started to break hill’s stones in order to make rubble stones and gravels which were resold. A work in carry is very hard but decent.

Today this carry allows 720 persons to work. They don’t work for the Association but to build their village. Indeed, rubble stones, cobblestones and gravels are used to build roads and houses of AKAMASOA. Poor people are building their own town.

In the Association other workshops exist but with the same philosophy: metal-welding-electricity workshop makes, amongst others, concrete posts which give electricity in villages. 30 persons are working in.

The carpentry workshop with 26 cabinet makers trains young people and makes beds, furniture and table-benches for AKAMAZSOA’s schools.

820 bricklayers and carpenters, inhabitants of AKAMASOA, are building houses for new families.
104 persons are maintaining gardens and tree nurseries.

Finally in 2014,3046 men and women worked to build AKAMASOA.