Andralanitra, 08 June 2020

The committee, the board and father Pedro had a meeting to discuss the situation in each village. They discussed what need to be addressed for the celebration of Akamasoa’s 31 year anniversary and the 60th anniversary of Madagascar’s independence.

The people who met believe that each and every one need to double efforts in all aspects of their lives. And this starts with a change in mindset. We need to adopt a new mindset and move away from past mindsets that imprisoned us in poverty. We need to make all efforts to educate our children so that they become responsible individuals; as the saying goes, “education is the most valuable inheritance!

People must be responsible towards their families and repair everything that is run down. We have many houses with parts that need repairing and yet we do nothing about those; the people who live in the houses are just waiting for someone else to do the repair works and yet they are the ones who live in the house. Our houses are valuable. The poor state of the house is a sign that the family who lives in it is not responsible and are not willing to work. The same also goes for hygiene; villages, houses and courtyards are dirty and littered with waste. Fortunately, there are those who abide by hygiene rules. They also take care of the environment and the surrounding green areas. Sadly, there are people who are voicing demands. Please understand that no one can demand anything because we all work in love. There is no such thing as “give and take” here. Let us not forget that the families who live at Akamasoa pay a monthly rent for the houses and the marketplace and here we want to encourage you to pay this small contribution.

Additionally, we need to adopt drastic changes in relation to drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, which are “killing the human soul” and resulting in our ostracization from our communities. Irresponsible attitude and laziness lead some to stealing, consequently, in some villages, petty theft has become a common occurrence. There are also the young women and men who abandon themselves in futile behaviors and pursuits while the parents are silent. This often results in early marriages; marriages that do not last.

For some time now, we at Akamasoa have been thinking of our independence so that everyone is responsible for their livelihoods, studies and health. And yet, most people are still very much dependent on the help from Akamasoa. Akamasoa cannot be a substitute to the Malagasy State. The parents who love their children must educate them to first go to school to work for their future.

Those who have a house and a job and who are old enough to do so can get married and start a family. We ask all the people of Akamasoa to contribute into the “Health pension” if they want Akamasoa to help them with their health issues. All those who are not showing commitment to making efforts and who make light of those rules will be forced out of the house they live in. We all will conclude that they have forced themselves out as they did not follow the rules.

In recent weeks, we have forced two people out of their houses; one of them was selling drugs and another committed a rape. Those who do evil things must move out and live outside of Akamasoa.

Akamasoa is also not a home for people who say one thing and act in a different way. They say they have changed but in reality, they have not. If you and your family work and abide by the RULES of Akamasoa then good for you. Akamasoa rightfully belong to you and your children. But if you do not care about Akamasoa and its goals, then you would have already forced yourself out of the house you received properly by turning your back on the common good and community mindset.

We gladly welcome those people who show respect and love for Akamasoa and who are willing to live with us to improve their lives and the lives of their families and children. We invite everyone to clean and embellish their houses and villages before we celebrate Madagascar’s independence day on June 26th and to continue to do so throughout the year.

If no changes are happening, then the committee, together with the security people, the board and Father Pedro will have to take some drastic measures to punish any family that does not follow the rules of Akamasoa and the laws that bind all citizens in the country. The whole world is sick and our souls are also sick. As such, we have to learn to live together and turn back to God. We need true redemption and genuine faith. Do not fool yourself, God is the witness of your acts.

We will celebrate the 60 year anniversary of Madagascar’s independence and the 31 year anniversary of Akamasoa with a clean and worthy heart and mind. These words of caution and call for responsible living is truly a holy duty for all those who have a mind and a soul. Please read these words as an encouragement for you and for us all who love God, love the church, love the country and love our families. “Actions not words,” and please remember, “we are judged by what we do and not by the promises we make.”

Commit to making efforts to be better right away. Well wishes to you and your whole family. Well wishes to the sacred solidarity and fight that unites us at Akamasoa. May God bless us all.

Signed by the Committee, the Board and Father Pedro.